Chapter 1: A Call from Kate

‘Another Night; another guy I’ll never remember the name of…’ I thought to myself as I walked past my doorman to the elevator.

I stepped in when the doors swooshed open and pressed the button to take me to the 11th floor. I lost another outfit last night… ‘No more rough men…’ I silently promised myself as the elevator came to my floor. ‘Who am I kidding? It’s too much fun for me to just give up on them, maybe I should bring extra clothes to parties with me?’ I chuckled and thought to myself until the elevator dinged; signaling that I had reached my floor.

I stepped out and walked to my apartment door, unlocked it and walked straight in. I looked to the clock 6:37am it read.

I untied my coat and shrugged out of it before carelessly tossing it to the ground. I really wish I didn’t have to wear it down here but I had nothing else really, and it was just too hot. I guess I was sort of lucky that it was cold enough last night for me to consider bringing it with me to the bar.

I yawned and streched out my arms. “awwwww….” I wheezed out. “It’s good to be home…” I decided that since it was early on a Saturday I could take a bath. I didn’t have work until Tuesday so it wasn’t like I was about to be late for anything.

I ran the water into the tub until it was too my liking, before i slipped out of my lack of clothes and sank into the comforting embrace of warm water.

I loved my bath tub more than anything else really. It relaxed me and made me feel safe. The water took my stress and worry and made me feel peaceful like my mother used to do for me…mom….I missed her so much. I shook the thoughts from my head before finishing with my bath and stepping out.

I grabbed my towel from beside the sink and wrapped it around my body. Then I looked to the mirror and started applying my everyday makeup. I brushed off the excess blush before deciding I looked good enough for a day in and if a man came knocking on my door later I would still look appealing.

I walked out of the bathroom and to my dresser to get on my everyday outfit, glad that I had gotten dressed up last night so I didn’t have to walk around in any of my flashy and slightly uncomfortable club clothes. My little red dress and thin belt were too good to replace.

Once I had everything on I grabbed a cheap plastic braclet and crappy jem-stone necklace from in the drawer and slipped them on to. Then I forced the dresser closed and walked to the couch.

I sat down and turned the TV on. I opened to a random channel with some man talking about a movie that just released and apparently sucked. I got comfortable as I listened to the boring drabble from the man.

I was just starting to dose off when The phone rang. I looked up at the clock across the room again; 8:56am. Who in the world would be calling me this early? Everyone I know is either at work or sleeping.

I got up and walked to my counter to pick up my phone. I checked the caller ID; Kate. Of course. Kate was my best-friend since I was 18. I met her at a party I was at, celebrating my freedom from the orphange. She drove me to her place when I had too much and gave me a room to stay the night and in the morning when I had a killer headache she was in the kitchen on standby with a glass of water and asprin. I stayed with her until I could afford my own appartment after 2 years of tedious office work. Kate was like the mother I lost, the sister I never had, and the best friend I never wanted to lose. She was smart but fun and seemed to know all the right people.

“Heya, Kate.” I answered the phone. I started to twirl a strand of my hair with my free hand.
“Belle! Good Morning!” How she was always so excitable even before 9 in the morning was a mystery to me.
“Morning, Kate. What’s up?”

“Same old, same old. How was last night? You left the party early, and the guy you left with was totally fine!” She giggled into the phone.
“GRRRAG!” I groaned loudly into the phone.
“Another tough one?” She asked a peak of her That’s what you get tone in her voice.
“yes…” I grumbled.
“So is it a bad mood day?”
“…yes…” I decided after some time of pointless consideration. deciding that it wouldn’t matter to Kate if I was grumpy or not. She had to be used to it by now…
“So you wouldn’t be interested in coming to that new club with me?”

“Hmmmm…” Now that peaked my interest! “You wouldn’t happen to be talking about The GreenDiamond Club, would you?”
“The one and only.” I could almost see her smirk.
“I thought that was celebrities only?” I questioned.
“It is. My brother has a friend who knows a bartender there, who’s buddies with the bouncer. My brother got invited and he’s inviting us. You in?”
Like she even has to ask. “You bet!”
“Good! Meet us there at 6. Don’t be late.”
“Got it!”
with that we said good-bye and hung up.

I walked to my dresser to lay out the outfit I knew would be perfect. I took out the clothes and folded them on the bed so I could nap on the couch before I left so when I got there I might have some life in me. This was going to be good…

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