Chapter 10: Feeling Faint

(((Got the hospital here: )))

I sat in the blandly coloured waiting room of the Hospital, desperately awaiting the results of the pregnancy test I had taken forever ago. Sitting there for what felt like eternity I mumbled over and over “let it be negative…let it be negative…”
“Simply telling the test what to be won’t affect its actual results.”

Kate had come with me to the hospital at 6am and stayed the entire time. The only time she left was to stretch her legs and get a snack from the cafeteria the level above us. She had brought her book to read and keep her occupied as I had my slight panic attack next to her.

I let out a loud and exaggerated sigh as I slumped back into my chair. “…well it can’t hurt.”
“It’s drawing negative vibes into you so, yes. In fact, it can hurt.” She didn’t even peer up. “Just try to relax. If it’s negative you live on the way you were before. If it’s positive…You still have me and Chip.” She promised, rubbing my arm as she tried to comfort me. It was soothing, even with the raw feeling my arm got from the actions repetitiveness.
I tried to steady my frantic heart and let my mind flow to more comfortable grounds.

It was ages-in reality, hours- that had passed when the nurse finally emerged.

I stood from my chair. “Do you have the results?” I asked loudly jumping out of my seat. Kate put her book down and watched my, probably embarrassing, performance.

“Yes.” The pink clad nurse smiled at me. “Congratulations, Miss. Lust. You are going to be a mother.”

The news hit me like a ton of bricks. “M-mother?” I questioned.
The nurse simply nodded her head.

I began to feel dizzy, staggering and swaying, before I stumbled and fell.

Everything went black.

The last thing I saw was a shocked and worried nurse and a knowing face from Kate.

It wasn’t until what I assumed to be much later did I wake up. And I could hear voices, even before my eyes fluttered open.

“It must have just been a surprise to her. She’s not one who wants to, or even plans, to be pregnant. She didn’t really want it, but she’s tough. I’m sure she’ll find a way to cope. Be happy, even.” Kate was rambling, something she [i][b]never[/i][/b] did!
When my eyes blinked open though, I could see why.
That nurse was HOT!!!
He nodded his head and let out ”mhm”s at the appropriate times.

Kate nervously turned her head and finally noticed my consciousness. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “You’re awake!”
I smirked knowingly at her.

“You were out for quite a while,” The male nurse inquired. “We were concerned that you may have had a concussion.”
“I’m fine.” I stated simply, still smirking at Kate.
“I’ll just let the other nurse know and check you out.”
“Mhm.” My gaze stayed on Kate, when he left I spoke up. “Speaking of checking out, Kate….”
Her face turned red “Oh! Shut up!”

She sat on the cot by my feet and I rose slightly to relax and watch her.
“He’s cute.” I put in.
“yeah…” she replied dreamily. She had her head resting in her hands. Drifting off into her own, personal, little fantasy.
I laughed slightly.
Poor love-struck Kate.

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