Chapter 18: Who Am I?

A month had passed since Chip had proposed to me and it has been non-stop preparation since. We planned to get married before the year’s end, three weeks after Ambrosia’s third birthday. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about getting home to see our little girl turn three and wouldn’t be forced to rush our honeymoon while Kate took care of her.

I walked from the study, where I had been working through the plan book and going over guests. Mostly family and friends of Chip, though I was sure to include the friends I had managed to keep since departing from the orphanage.

When I came to the living room I saw Chip and Ambrosia sitting on the carpet once again.

I decided to sit down and join them as Chip spoke softly to the younger girl. It was obvious by the stressed look on his face that they had been here a while.

“Who am I?” He asked her for the billionth time, “Who am I?” he had been trying this for days and every time he would recieve the same answer.

“Chip!” she called out gleefully.

Chip’s face fell once again. Neither of us was sure but the little girl absolutely refused to call Chip Daddy. It hurt him to an extent and he would have done anything just to hear the little girl call him the title just once. But she never did.

He sighed as I picked her up.

I carried the young girl into the kitchen and placed her into her high chair.

“Thank you, Mama.” she told me politely as I placed a bowl of warm macaroni in front of her, which she instantly dug into with messy hands, shoveling as much as she could into her cheeks.

Chip followed us into the kitchen.

I looked at him sympathetically, “She’s just having some troubles with words.” I assure him, “She’ll say it one day.”

“I know…” he whispered back. “I just love her so much, I have no idea what she thinks of me though. I want her to trust me and see me as her father. The same way she sees you as her mom.”

She giggled and laughed beside us. Slowly bringing the smile back to his face.

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